Monday, March 16, 2009

What's in the Freezer??!!??

Another list (along with "Le Menu") that I always have on my fridge is my "What's in the Freezer" list.
We have 2 full refrigerators plus a chest freezer and most of the time there is always food in all of them. Hubby uses one of the full fridge/freezers for his work samples and stuff, but occasionally I will throw some of my stuff in there as well.

I am forever forgetting what is in the freezer and going out and buying more of an item that I already have because I didn't know it was already there! Ugh. Not very fugal :o)

So I finally started taking inventory of my freezers and keeping the list on my fridge. Seems pretty simple? It is! I usually re-do the inventory every other month as I don't always remember to add to my list what I just added to the freezer :o) Here is what my "freezer" list looks like:

I break the list into groups: meats, desserts, breakfasts, sides, etc... This way if I need a side dish for a meal I can just go to "sides" and see what I have in my freezer that will work. Same goes for the meat. Before I go to the grocery store I can check my list and see what meats I already have in the fridge and make a "Le Menu" from those meats!

Happy Freezing!


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