Friday, March 13, 2009

Meal Planning!!!?????!!!

I don't do meal planning. At least not in the sense that most people do. I don't make out a little chart every week that states what we will be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. I don't think it is a bad thing to do that. I wish I could do that. I think that people who are able to have that in their lives our truly blessed :o) My palette, however, will not let me do that. I have tried. Oh, I have tried many times to type out that weekly menu so pretty on my computer and then print it out and then displayed it proudly upon my fridge. Do you know what happened? No? My palette would see what was for dinner that night and so, "nope, my dear, that does not sound good to me and I don't want to experience that flavor tonight". I had to listen to it. So I would end up making something else and then my weekly menu would be all washed out. It was a sad thing but I have now learned to cope with it.

I no longer make a weekly plan. Instead I make "Le Menu". It looks something like this:

All this is is a list of all the meals I have already prepared in the freezer or I have all the stuff to make it from scratch. This way, every morning I just look at the "Le Menu" see what my palette is thinking and we decide on that night's dinner then. After I prepare the meal I simple cross it off from my list so I know it is no longer available.

I usually have lunches and breakfasts listed on there as well so I don't have to think about what we have for them either.

This idea has worked well for me and my family. If you are struggling with getting a weekly menu on the fridge give this a try and see if it works for you :o)

Happy Cooking!~Caroline


MidnightMom said...

That's exactly what I do, too. Slightly different format...and...I have a list of possible sides, desserts, and sometimes a list for things to make for the freezer (if I'm particularly energetic). With little ones, too, I never know how a day will go; many times, I had a dinner "planned" that took longer to prepare, and so my menu plan would be wiped out because I'd trade with another night's meal and so on. this plan of listing weekly possibilities. I prefer perfection, but, it doesn't work in my home either!!

Debbie said...

I do this too. I make out a two week menu while I am getting my shopping list ready. I usually have no particular day in which we will eat a meal (unless I already know it is a freezer meal or a quick meal and we will have a busy day). I make my decision usually that morning or the night before :) This usually throws the 'I can't make a list or menu' folks off :) They can do it this way...and save money ;)