Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Selling Avon

Clipping coupons and shopping frugally is not the only way I save money around here. Ten years ago, right after I had Gillian, I started selling Avon. Originally it just gave me something to do. My mother-in-law bought a lot of Avon and told me that if I started selling it she would buy from me. Seemed pretty easy, so I signed up thinking that she would be my only customer and I would just get a nice discount.

Ten years later.....I never made Avon out to be a "business". My primary job in life is to be a wife and a mother and everything else is just extracurricular. All of my customers are either family or friends. People that I see on a normal basis so that I don't have to spend much time delivering my orders. I have about 5 regular customers and 5 who order occasionally. But that is all that I need to pay for the things that I order from Avon. See how that works?

I spend and average of 1 hour a month putting my orders together and getting the product in my customers' hands. That then allows me to buy all of my makeup, cleansers, lotions, and more at a cost of $0.

I am not on a sales pitch here whatsoever, folks. All I am saying is that there are many other opportunities out there to be frugal and to save your family money and they don't take a chunk of your time either. Of course, before you go signing up for anything, make sure that you and your hubby discuss it and that it would benefit your family.

Happy Frugalitarianism :o)

(one of my customers and she's also my sister!)

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