Monday, March 9, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth!

We had a wonderful trip to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago. This was Emma's (6 years old) first time there which made it even more exciting! Here is our trip in photos.........

Emma was so excited as we got closer to driving over the "grapevine" and I informed her that we would be driving over those mountains. They had closed the grapevine 2 days before our trip due to snow! Lucky for us it had re-opened by the time we got there and we got to see the snow that was left on the mountians.

My wonderful parents got to go with us. My dad drove the whole way!

We headed to Downtown Disney when we got there on Saturday. We never expected to see Cinderella's Carriage with a bride inside! It was so much fun to watch the carriage with the "horsemen" pull up and out came a princess in a beautiful wedding gown. I asked my hubby and my dad if I could have a re-do of our wedding. They both said, "no" :o)

After sitting and watching the wedding for a while we headed off to eat at The Rainforest Cafe. We had the option to wait an hour and a half to sit inside or we could be sitting right away if we sat on the balcony. We went for the balcony :o) They had large heaters all around so it was nice and warm.


My mom bought the girls Disney Princess Dresses at the Disney Store for them to wear to Disneyland. The night before, when we were at Downtown Disney, my parents let the girls pick out "ears" to wear to Disneyland. of course they both went for the pink princess ears!

My mom also bought the girls "autograph" books so they could get all the characters signatures. If I ever had the chance to be a character at Disneyland I would want to be her --> Cruela De Ville! She gets to be sarcastic all day long! The first thing she said to the girls, in her snooty voice, was, "did your mother make you wear those princess dresses? I bet you don't even like the princesses." It was great. She kept the banter going the whole time. I loved it!

Now here's a bunch of characters!
Gilly wasn't to sure about the characters touching her or getting to close. But over all she did good. Emma, however, loved all of them!

Emma and I on "It's a Small World". They just re-opened it after all the re-vamping they did. It really looked the same to me. A couple of small changes but nothing that made us go "wow". Emma informed me on the ride that, "it really isn't a small world. The world is actually really big, mom."

All Gillian talked about in the months (yes months) leading up to Disneyland was "riding the horsies with Grandpa". She ended up riding the Merry Go Round 5 times that day! She was one happy kid . Gillian and Grandpa on the horsies
Emma and Dad on the horsies

The girls also got to have their faces painted.

And eat ice cream!

All in all we had the most wonderful time at the Happiest Place on Earth!
And we can't wait to go back and do it again next year!
The day after! Parents are worn out :o) but the kids are filled with many memories!


kristi said...

What fun!!! I do wonder though if that if your hubby's beer next to him in the shot in front of the castle? I laughed even if it isn't :) I look forward to seeing next years pics too!

R4catechumen said...

I loved your pictures! What fun for your little girlies!

howiesgal said...

kristi! You can't bring beer bottles into D-land :o) That was Emma's hot chocolate. The flask was in my backpack well disguised. Totally kidding :o)