Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We got a piano and it has a story!
My great-great grandfather bought it for my Grandma when my mom was a little girl. So my mom grew up with the piano.
Then my Grandma gave it to my mom when I was a little girl. So I grew up with it. Then it went back to my Grandma's house when my parent's moved after I got married.
Now that we are in our own house we got the Piano. So my girls will grow up with it! Emma already knows that when she grows up and gets married and has children she will get the piano. To which she replies, "and then I will give it to my kids and they will give it to their kids." To which I reply, "that would be the plan." The she reminds that she does not plan on ever getting married because she wants to be a missionary! The kid deserves the piano no matter what :o)


kristi said...

Who are those big girls sitting on the panio (that's what we call it around here...) bench? Fun panio story!

R4catechumen said...

That is so special. And I love your wall!
~Susan G.

R4catechumen said...

Okay. So, I finally figured out how to put a little picture in the corner. Well, I think. So, I'm using your blog to give it a try. Thanks, Caroline. I'll see if it works. :)

R4catechumen said...

It worked.

R4catechumen said...

Okay, now I'm just going to post comments so I can see my cute little kids!