Friday, June 20, 2008

Qualities 5-7...Leadership

Quality #5- "He had a practical, balanced grip on reality"- Reality? What's that? Oh yeah, reality. Yep, I need to get a grip on that. A balanced grip at that. Swindoll says, "He (Nehemiah) acted without overreacting, he was gracious but unbendingly firm." Do you ever overreact when your child spills his drink at the table? Or does any number of other things for the umpteenth time! We all need to stop and take a breath every now and then and get back to the here and now, the reality. Oh and grace...yes, this is something I am working really hard on right now. Extending grace to my children while still being firm as to what I expect from them daily.

Quality #6- 'He had a willingness to work hard and remain unselfish." I have to admit here that I really struggle with this one. Especially after a week of doing so much for so many other people. I often find myself screaming in my head, "I just wish someone would do something for me!". Not exactly the selfless attitude God calls me to have. We are to be servant-hearted leaders. That is what God sent His only Son here to do, to serve others as He lead them. Aren't we suppose to be striving to be just like Him?

Quality #7- "He had the discipline to finish the job"- "Good leaders are finishers. When the task loses its luster, they don't rush elsewhere. They stay at it 'in season and out'". Need I say more? Nope!

I would like to encourage you to read through Nehemiah's Journal. You will not be disappointed at all :o)

Next week I will get back to "Filling My Freezer". Lots has been going on around our house this week and I am excited to tell you about it!

Happy Leading!

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Basnight said...

Wow! I needed that. thanks so much for sharing what God has been showing you.