Thursday, June 19, 2008

Qualities 1-4.....Leadership

Alright, are you ready for this? I sure am! Let's get going......

Quality #1- "he had a passion for the project"- Oh wow! This hit me hard. Do I have a passion for homeschooling? I have to admit, if I did ever have one it is gone now. How can I lead my children in schooling if I don't have the desire. Chuck goes on to say that, "passion, vision, enthusiasm, drive and determination are absolutely essential", in leadership. Oh sad, sad me. I admit I have none of these. My plan: ask God daily to fill me with passion and enthusiasm for teaching my children and to daily give me the drive and the determination and to teach them. Oh, Lord fill me with your presence as I go forth and do Your will!

Quality #2-"He had the ability to motivate others"- I love this! Do you ever feel like you have to ask your kids a thousand times to do something and when they finally do it they do it haggardly? Of course, we all feel that way! Chuck goes on to say, "what good is leadership if it cannot move people into action? People like Nehemiah inspire others to do their best". Yes, yes, I want to inspire my girls! I don't want them to do it just because I told them to. I want them to do it because I have inspired them to do it and they do it well. Case and point: laundry, yes, for us this is part of our homeschooling day. I hate laundry, but if I go about my day with that attitude how would my kids be motivated to help me? If I change my attitude and, mostly, my heart, about the way I feel about laundry and I let that shine through, then my girls would be glad to help out with the laundry. This would work in all areas of life. We have to be enjoying what we are doing for people to want to do it with us.

Quality #3- "He had an unswerving confidence in God". "While (christian leaders) may occasionally doubt their own ability, they do not doubt God's invincible commitment to His work." Yep, another good one! I know for a fact that I do not have all the abilities I need to homeschool a first grader and a special needs child. I do know that God called me to do this work and that He will give me just what I need right when I need it! He is so great like that. Swindoll goes on to say that "he (Nehemiah) constantly reminded the people of the Lord's presence and protection." Are we reminding our children of this? Do we believe it ourselves?

Quality #4- "He was resilient and patient through opposition". "The best leaders have broad shoulders and have no trouble shrugging off petty offenses." Do you have friends or family who are constantly harping you about homeschooling? Do you care what they think and let them get to you? We have to remember that it only matters what GOD thinks. Are we pleasing Him, glorifying Him, walking in His will? If we are then it does not mean a thing what others say or think.

I don't know about you, but this is a lot for me to digest! My plan is to take each quality and work on them one at a time. Praying daily that God will make me into a great Godly leader in my homeschool.

Tomorrow I will post qualities 5-7 and wrap it up :o)


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