Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's New?

Hmmm, good question. And the answer? Lots!

For starters I shall tell you all the biggest change in my life (no I am not pregnant!). This past Friday we had our very last Cooking Day. Yep, that's right, I will no longer be putting together the monthly Cooking Days. Yes, many were sad but all were very understanding.

I have said all along that I would continue to do Cooking Days as long as I was having fun. Well, the fun had stopped and it was feeling like a lot of work and I was actually starting to dread it each month, a point I never wanted to get myself to. But have no fear my dear friends! I plan on continue to blog about freezer cooking and I plan on continuing to post lots of recipes. I also plan on doing my own cooking days at home with my girls. Should be lots of fun!

Other new stuff....I bought my first 2 gallons of paint for the new house!!! It was so much fun. And even more fun was the fact that I found the paint on the "oops" table at l*wes! That means I got 2 gallons of paint that were originally prices at $27 each for only $6 a gallon!!!! I love it when the Lord blesses me that way! The guy at the paint counter was even kind enough to add more purple to one of the paints for me to get it more towards the color I wanted! Great fun!

Anybody out there like to paint? Let me know if you want to join my paint party on the day we close escrow! :o)

I plan on giving you all a new recipe tomorrow so come on back then. Oh, and I promise, um, no I don't promise because more than likely I will break that promise, I will TRY to remember my hardest to start taking more pics of the food I make to post with the recipes! It's always much more fun when there are pictures to look at :o)

Happy Cooking!

(do not try this at home, peoples!-This photo was taken while traveling down the freeway at speeds up to 70 mph! I couldn't help it, Emma was yelling at me, "mom, mom, take a picture of us! We are being nice to each other!." Now really you just can't miss those rare oppotunities when siblings are "being nice to each other" in the car. :o) )

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