Sunday, March 30, 2008


G-Dawg asked a question about the Stroganoff.....

"Okay, so I tried this recipe the other day and it was very, very delicious. But I have a question: Is it supposed to be of a soup consistency? It was very yummy, but I felt like I was eating beef soup with noodles. Did I miss something or is that just the way Stroganoff is? If so, that's okay with me because it was really good!"

G-Dawg~ I will give you an answer as soon as you tell us who you really are :o) No more undercoverness.
If you ever have a question on any of the recipes or tips I post, please feel free to ask. I will answer all of your questions in a post as opposed to commenting back in the comments section. Also, if you try any of the recipes please let us all know what you thought, or any suggestions you might have on improving or tweaking the recipe :o)

Happy Cooking!

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