Monday, February 16, 2009

Does this count as a bad day?

Here is what happened within a 10 minute span.....might have been less:

-Went to the bathroom and saw that there were still ants trying to crawl on the toilet. Kill the little boogers.

-Sit to go to the bathroom and notice that the ants are now coming in from a different spot and are all around the shower. Kill the little boogers.

-Sort laundry. Decide to ask Gillian to put in a load (I show her exactly which load she is to put in) so I can start ironing hubby's clothes for tomorrow.

-Go to plug in iron and notice that the ants are now on the window sill in my bedroom! Try to stay calm while I go get something to kill the little boogers.

-Go to throw away the kleenex covered with dead ants in the girls bathroom and notice that someone did not flush the toilet. And yes, they did more than just #1 in there :o)

-Flush the toilet and it overflows! Start yelling at Emma to bring me all the towels she can find while I grab the plunger and get it unplugged.

-Want to cry but keep it together.

-Hear Gillian say, "Oh no what happened". This is her key saying for something is not going as it should.

-See that she has put all the laundry in I asked and is now filling the washing machine with a whole nother load that should not be in with first said load!

-Start freaking out as I pull out the clothes that are not to be in there while telling Gillian to just go play in her room.

-Emma, hearing the commotion, comes running down the hall asking what is wrong. I tell her not to worry about it. She keeps asking me what happened. I keep telling her not to worry about it. She keeps asking.

-I tell both of them that it is nap time and to go get on their beds. Emma (6 year old) starts crying because mommy is mad.

-Phone rings! Hubby is calling :o) I tell hubby that if he wants to talk to me when I am in a better mood he had better call back in an hour.

-Kill more of those little boogers here, there, everywhere! I even used the steam on the iron (while I was ironing hubby's clothes) to get a few down. (that helped a bit)

-Explain to 6 year old that when mommy says don't worry about it that means don't worry about it.

-Nicely put girls down for a quiet time.

-Grab a bottle of water and hubby's box of Hot Tamales he got for Valentine's Day. I figured they might cool me off :o)

I guess you could say that I am having a "Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!".



kristi said...

It counts in my book. I do hope the Hot Tamales helped!

howiesgal said...

No the Hot tamales didn't do it for me so I had a huge helping of banana pie and that did the trick :o)

The Walker Family said...

Banana pie...better choice. Chances are, tomorrow'll be better. Good odds, right? Praying for you, my friend.