Monday, March 2, 2009

Decorating with Blessings

One thing I know for sure is that we have been blessed! God never ceases to amaze me when it comes to my needs or my wants. He has truly blessed us when it comes to our new home.

As most of your know, it took us 15 months and around 30 offers before we got this house. Looking back we can both say that it was worth the wait and all the trouble of the past 15 months. God knew exactly what He was doing and I am so glad that we trusted in His sovereignty the whole way.

As you have read in recent posts we have been blessed with paint in many ways! We were also blessed with light fixtures! A friend of mine bought a house about a year ago and did not like the light fixtures that were in the house. They just were not her style. So she offered them to me and happily took them and had been storing them in the garage at our old house for the last year. Let me tell you here people, these fixtures fit into our house perfectly! All of the light fixtures that were here when we moved in were very out dated. Some were broken and some were just not even there :o) Here is what the blessings look like in our home:
This one (above) went into the master bathroom. To tell you the truth, I can't remember what the old one looks like now :o)
This one (above again) is in the girl's bathroom. Don't you just love that wallpaper! It has to go. Half of it is missing. Sorry, folks. Before there was no light fixture here. There is another fixture on the other side if the bathroom that is very long. It was just a silver color so we spray painted it to look like the rest of the brushed silver in the bathroom.
This one is in the entry way. There was no light at all here when we moved in, just the wires. My brother-in-law put this one up for me without a ladder! He is very tall. Very tall! The light fit here perfectly.
Thanks Aleena for the lights! We are so grateful your generosity!
Many Blessings!


:o) Rachel said...

Your house is coming together nicely!! Did you make the lemon bars for last Sat.? They were my favorite! Can I get the recipe, please?
:o) Rachel

Dani said...

The lights took fantastic and so did the paint a post or so ago. How fun to be fixing up your home so beautifully!