Monday, January 19, 2009


Right now at CVS they have a bunch of stuff on clearance from 50-75% off!! I hit up the makeup section and used a lot of $1.00 off coupons I had. I got 6 packs of Revlon nail files for -$0.01. Yep that's a minus sign! They paid me $0.01 for each package. They were on clearance for $0.99 and I used a $1.00 off Revlon coupon for each package. SO a made a penny off of each package! Way cool! I also got a few mascaras and a lipstick for less than $1.00 a piece. So if you have a CVS by you go hit it up and fill up your makeup bag for real cheap.

We are out of our rental house (as of Sat.). We have not yet closed escrow on our new house so we are staying at my parent's until we do. We hope to close on Wednesday. I'll keep you all posted.

Happy Couponing~ Caroline


Kenj said...

I miss you!!!

kristi said...

Just checking in to say Hi! Hope everything is going well :)