Monday, August 4, 2008

CVS, Target and Walgreens!!!!!!!!! Good Stuff

OK, after my not so great trip last week , this week completely rocked! I made up for last week and the next year! Here's the run down, and please let me know if you ever have any questions about any of the deals I have got :o) I can't get all my pictures to download so I will post this now without pics and try to post with pics again later. Sorry :o(


1st Transaction: 3 Crest Toothpastes 2 Oral-B Toothbrushes
Total (Before Coupons)=$13.36
Coupons Used: 3- $0.75 off Crest Toothpaste (=2.25 off) 2-$1.00 off Oral-B Toothbrushes(=$2.00) $1.00 Extra Buck (from Last week)
Total Out of Pocket= $8.05 Got Back $7.24 Extra Bucks from Toothpaste

2ND Transaction: Carefree Pantyliners (22 cnt) 2 Dawn Dish Soaps Instant Energy Drinks (2 pack/for hubby)
Total Before Coupons= $8.84
Coupons Used: 2-$0.50 off Dawn Dish Soap (=1.00) $7.24 Extra Bucks
Total Out of Pocket= $0.07! Got back $6.98 Extra Bucks (for Energy Drink and Carefree pantyliners)

3rd Transaction: 4 Covergirl Blushes (B1G1) 2 Almay makeup products
Total Before Coupons= $32.96
Coupons Used: BIGI Covergirl (made all 4 blushes free!) 2-$1.00 off Almay Products 3 $1.00 off Revlon Products (so this made me actually earn $3.00 for buying the blushes!) $4.99 Extra Bucks $1.49 Extra Bucks
Total After Coupons=$0.41 Plus I earned $10.00 Extra Bucks for the Almay Products :o)

4Th Transaction: Excedrin PM 2 Pert Plus Shampoos (B1G1) 2 Sure Deodorants (B1G1)
4 Boxes of Post Cereal (B1G1)
Total Before Coupons= $21.09
Coupons Used : $4.00 off 2 Pert Shampoos (making them both free) $3.00 off Sure Deodorant (made 0.31 off these!) $2.00 off all the cereal (making these $1.79 a box) Used $10 Extra Bucks
Total Out of Pocket= a whopping $0.00! Plus I earned $3.79 in Extra Bucks!

I was going to be done after this but at the bottom of my receipt was a coupon for a free haircolor product (up to $9.99) and a free CVS mouth wash! So Off I went to find these 2 :o)

5Th Transaction: 2 Clairol Hair colors CVS Mouthwash
Total Before Coupons: $21.47
Coupons Used: BIGI Clairol Hair Color Receipt Coupon for Free Hair color Receipt Coupon for free mouth wash
Total after Coupons= $0.70!

So today I got $97.72 worth of products for $9.23. That's a savings of over 90%. Is this fun or what?!! And again, I had 2 different cashiers than I have had before (one was a manager) and they were both as wonderful as can be!
Walgreens has tons of deals on back to school stuff. Check your local ad for all the coupons.
I got all of this plus 2 Snickers :o) for $9.00! (4-3 ring binders, 2-4 packs TP, 3-2 packs big erasers, 2-6 packs of Highlighters, 2-10 packs BIC pens, 2 small legal pads, 1 pencil sharpener)

_______________________________ __________________
Target has my and hubbies' favorite razors on sale this week! Gillette Fusion (powered) and Gillette Venus (this is the best razor on earth. Your legs will seriously feel like pure silk!)
They were on sale for $7.49 each and when you bought 2 you got back a $5 Target Gift Card. I had $4 off coupons for each of 3 Fusion Razors and $2 off for each of 3 Venus Razors. Here is how I did it

1st Transaction: 2 Fusion Razors used 2 $4.00 off Coupons Paid $8.08 got back $5 gift card.
2ND Transaction: 1 Fusion 1 Venus Used $4 off and $2 off coupons and $5 gift card. Paid $5.08 and got back $5 gift card.
I did this one more time :o) and got back another $5 gift card. Plus I got a box of Kashi Cereal for $0.66. I had a $2 off coupon.



kymk99 said...

Be sure to go by Staples this week too! They have some folders for FREE! And if you are a 'teacher' you can get 30 of them for FREE!

Just thought I would let you know a tip for once!

Yvonne :o)

kristi said...

But what hair color did you get? Girl, you are stocked when it comes to that "Carefree" time ;) "Always" a good thing... I could go on with this line of humor but then I might end up in a "padded" room. And I think my elder reads your blog so I'm outta here....

howiesgal said...

Thanks, Yvonne, for the heads up on Staples. I had completely forgotten to look at their ad this week. I will be heading there today!
Kristi, I figure if there is ever a flood in my neighborhood (which there should never be) we will not need sandbags :o) You are so funny girl!

kristi said...

Flood. No sandbags. Ha - you're the funny one :)