Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CVS this week :o)

OK, I have to start by saying that I did not do as good as I thought I was going to do this week. First lesson: Never do CVS when you are really really hungry. I was at the point of "I need to get food in my system or I am going to pass out". So I was hurried through the store AND my brain was not functioning even close to 1/4 of what it should have been functioning. Second lesson:Don't be so hard on myself. Once I got home and snapped the photo of all that I got I realized that I did not do quite so bad. So it wasn't one of my better weeks. I did still save lots of money!

1st Transaction: Schick Intuition Razor (for my sister) on sale $3.99

1-3ct Pack Stride Gum $2.00 / 4 bags Lifesavers Candies (3 mint-1 Sour) on sale B1G1free

Total (before Coupons): $10.55

Coupons Used: 2-B1G1 free Lifesavers Candies (This made all 4 packs free!)

$4.00 off Schick Intuition (it was adjusted to $3.99 making the razor free)

$2.00 Extra Bucks from last week

Total Out Of Pocket: $0.15

They have a deal on candy this week:Buy $10 worth and get $5 Extra Bucks back. You can do this a total of 5 times. I thought the Lifesavers, which were on sale B1G1free would all count towards the deal but the free ones did not count. Now the free ones I got with the coupons did count, just not the store free ones. So I was planning on getting a $5 EB on this and using it on my next transaction. But I did not realize it until it was to late (lack of food).


Transaction #2: 2 bags Twizzlers (I love these) on sale 2/$3

2 boxes (120 cnt each) Carefree Pantyliners (I'm set for life!) $4.50 each

2 packages (36 cnt each) Stayfree maxi pads (also set for awhile!) $4.50 each

1 Listerine $4.00

1-3 pack Stride gum $2.00

Total (Before Coupons): $29.00

Coupons used: B1G1free Stayfree Maxi Pads

$1.00 off 2 Carefree products

Total out of pocket: $23.13 (I was not happy having to spend that much. If I had the $5 EB I would have been much happier)

$10 Extra Buck earned (Carefree/Stayfree/Listerine/and other products= Buy $20 get $10 Extra Bucks) $5 Extra Buck earned on the candy deal


Transaction #3: 4 boxes "movie" candy (4 for $4)

2 boxes Clariol Natural Instincts Hair Color (yes I bought black, but I am going to exchange one of them for a different color :o) ) on sale $5.99

4-3 pack Stride Gum (hubby chews a lot of gum. Seriously, A LOT!)

Total before Coupons: $25

Coupons used: $2 off Clariol haircolor

B1G1free Clariol haircolor

$10 Extra Buck

$5 Extra Buck

Total Out of Pocket: $1.38

Earned $5 EB for another candy deal and $1 EB for the Clariol Haircolor (I will save these for next week)


The cashier I had this morning was new to me. When he saw my totals after coupons he would say, "wow you are a really smart shopper. There is one other lady who comes in and does the same thing and it is amazing to watch you guys." When he was done with my last transaction the manager was standing next to him and he told her, "There are 2 of these smart shoppers that come in here and shop like this." And I replied, "I guess that makes everyone else who comes in here dumb." He agreed! It was pretty funny :o)

I did end up spending almost $25 today. More than I had planned but still good deals. Hubby is thrilled at the amount of candy and gum I lugged home!

Walgreens and Rite Aid also have some great deals this week. The problem with their deals is that they requires you to spend the money out of pocket and then put in to get the money back. You end up getting a lot back and lots of stuff for free. I unfortunately didn't have the money this week to put out front. But that's OK, I don't have to do every deal :o)


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Hubby is not the only one happy about your candy purchases...