Friday, July 25, 2008

New Title, finally :o)

Would you believe me if I told you that I completely forgot that I had asked you all to help me figure out a new title? I didn't think you would. Really, I am not that forgetful, but I think all the hair dye I have been inhaling lately has damaged some brain cells :o) Kidding.

So I was lounging poolside with my dear friend Kendra, it's therapeutic for both of us, when one of her sons asks me the name of my blog. She then mentions that I am changing the name. Yep, that's when the light bulb went off, "oh yeah, that's right I was doing that." Oh man that's bad.

I decided to go with Kristi's title, "Filling your freezer and other frugalitarian ideas". And pleas don't worry, she was not hurt at all in the processing of thinking this up. Although there were some broken blood vessels felt when she was trying to figure out how to spell "frugalitarian", but she has recovered :o) Thanks Kristi for helping me out. Oh, by the way, the $20 she slipped me in Church last Sunday did help to tip the scales. Kidding again :o)


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kristi said...

WHAT??!!! I win??? You love me, you really love me.... Hey, that was the best $20 I ever spent!!!! Oh, and you are the cheapest person I know. I mean that in the best way possible :) I'm learning to become a frugalitarian so much better from your blog - thanks! And if you ever need anything else named just let me know ;) My brain might explode but it would be worth it!