Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi there :o)

Yes, I know I said I would post my Walmart trip last Saturday. And yes, I know I said I would post my CVS deals by Tuesday of ever week. I have a really great excuse though! I have finally been enjoying our summer! Yes, I realize it is the end of July but we have just had a lot happen that has kept us from having lots of fun. But that has changed this week so I have not been around much to post on here. Sorry, will you forgive me? :o)

I did head to wallymart on Saturday and had 15 deals and coupons in hand. I walked out of the store with none of the deals. Lesson learned: if you plan on doing a listed wallymart deal from another site go to a super wallymart. Most of the deals would have been at a super wallymart but were not at their regular store. So I will more than likely pass on wally mart posted deals from now on. Good lesson learned.

I did do a CVS run on Monday. I am ashamed to say that I failed to take pics of the stuff before I put it away. Lesson learned: If something is on sale "buy one, get one free (B1G1) and you have a coupon for said item that is B1G1 then said items (both of them) will come up for free! Case and point- CVS had the new Trident gum B1G1 and I had 3 coupons for B1G1 of the gum. So I purchased 6 packs, used my 3 coupons and go them all for free! I did the same thing with Loreal Shampoo and Conditioner. I only had 1 B1G1 for them so I got a shampoo and a conditioner for free. Those were my big deals for the week.

Walgreens had some great coupons in the Sunday paper for this week. Lots of school supplies for dirt cheap. Plus a men's razor coupon for $2.99 and I had $2 coupon so I got them for 0.99!

So I am going to go back and have some more fun now. I will try to at least get the weekly deals posted here for you all. "Try" being the key word here :o)


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Kenj said...

Oh, I'm glad to know that about Wal Mart. One more reason I can't stand that store...

I had the list all prepared as you did but hadn't made it there yet.

Viva Target!