Thursday, July 17, 2008

CVS and Target!

Poor Emma is still sick so we have canceled all our fun plans for the rest of the week. No biggy, God knows what we need even when we don't and apparently we needed a week at home :o)

I did make it to CVS and Target today. We ran out of medicine for Emma so I had to go. Darn :o)I usually do not do a lot of couponing at Target but Money Saving Mom had posted some great deals there for this week so I had to go! She also posted some great deals from Wallymart which I plan on doing tomorrow or Saturday.

So here are my deal from CVS:

First transaction- 2 Sally Hansen nail polishes (0.99 each)

1 CVS Pantyliners (0.99)-Get a 0.99 Extra Buck back

2-100 count Excedrin Back and body (10.29 each)-I was very excited about this one as this is the only Rx I can take for headaches, body aches, etc...- Spend $20 on Excedrin or Benefiber products get $10 Extra Bucks back.

COUPONS: $3 off $15 purchase (printed on-line)

2-$2.00 off Excedrin (equaled $4.00 off for both)

$3.00 off 2 Sally Hanson nail polishes (note I only bought $1.98 worth of polish so this was a money maker coupon. Also, I had printed this from the computer and it did not print a bar code but they let me use it anyone. All you have to do is ask :o) )

$10.00 Extra Bucks from last weeks purchases.

Total Before coupons= $25.28

Total out of pocket (after coupons)= $7.34 plus Got back $10.99 in Extra Bucks

Transaction #2-

2 bottles of Herbal Essence- (on sale 2/$5)

Coupons used- $3 off 2 herbal essences

$0.99 Extra bucks (from the pantyliners)

Total Before Coupons= $5.36

Total our of pocket (after coupons)= $1.31


I just had to laugh when I looked at my CVS receipt today. It says that my Year to Date savings are $106.34!! The store has only been open for like 6 weeks and I have only been 4 times! Can't wait to see what it says come December :o)


Target Deals:

4 packages 10-count Hello Kitty Band-aids (found in the travel size section)-0.99 each
1 trial size Banana Boat SPF 30 lotion 0.99
1 J+J Buddies Soap 0.94
1 Electrasol jet dry dishwasher tabs 20-count (not in the pic because I had already dumped them into my big box before I did the pic) $5.00
2 packs (10 plus 2 free-count) Bic Pens (0.50 each) Not sure why the did not make it inot the pic?

Coupons: 4 $1.00 off Band-Aids (these were adjusted down to 0.99 each)
$1.00 off any J+J product (not adjusted down so I made 0.04 on this)
$1.00 of any banana boat product (not adjusted down so made 0.01 on this)
$1.00 off Electrasol Tabs-Target Coupon. Thanks Dana!
$2.25 off Electrasol tabs (from Sunday"s paper)
$1.00 off 2 Bic product

Total before coupons=$12.76

Total out of pocket (after coupons)= $1.56


So I think I did pretty good today! Can't wait to hit up Wallymart :o) I'll let you know what I get and I promise that next week I will post my deals by Tuesday so you have more time to get to them if you like.


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