Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh that's right......

I have a blog!! Silly red-head. I forget sometimes that I need to pop over here and post something. Wow, that's pretty sad isn't it? :o)

Well just to let you know, I am still here. This week has been filled with great weather playing outside, the loss of Emma's first 2 teeth, and cousins...lots of playing with cousins! Back to Emma's teeth, we didn't do the whole tooth fairy thing. She didn't even ask and besides she made $8 off of those 2 teeth from the grandparents! Who needs the tooth fairy ;o) She was so excited about loosing her first tooth on Tuesday night. But that excitement was over when I told her that a new tooth would grow back in. The poor girl was thinking she would be toothless forever and she was happy about that! She's a re-head too :o)

Next week is Cooking Day so stay tuned for the menu and new recipes!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Did you see the article about how much moms would actually make if they were paid in dollars instead of hugs and kisses? $117,ooo a year!!!! Seriously!!!! I think we could all get some union support on this and start striking for pay, naw, I prefer the hugs and kisses over money any day :o)

Happy Cooking!


Kenj said...

If you go to, you can personalize your "mom salary". Bumped mine up to 161,115! Of course, they didn't have a category for therapist/special needs teacher (for you) or high school/jr. high/elementary teacher/career counselor (for me). In THAT case, we'd be making double!

Simply Heart And Home said...

A belated Happy Mother's Day to you! I remember when my children lost their front teeth. They looked adorable. Make sure you take a picture!

Have a lovely day!