Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Frugal Links

As we all know by now, gas prices have risen and so have grocery prices. So now does it not only cost more to buy food, it costs us more to get to the places we have to go to buy it! Don't you just love how that works.
In the past few months I have discovered some wonderful blogs that have helped me become even more frugal. I am already a really frugal person (never buy anything unless it is on the clearance rack. never pay more than $5 for shirts/ $10 for pants/$10 for shoes (for myself and for the kids), etc....) but these ladies have helped me discover how to get things for free! Seriously, free!!!! Check them out.....
Centsible Shopper will show you how to combine coupons on great deals at many places to get them free.

imommies always has posts about getting free stuff and making free money!

Jane is amazing. She shows us how she has given herslelf only $800 for the year to spend on everything she needs! She gets almost everything for free or she makes money on what she buys. I believe she now has over $900 in her account now. She is really amazing.

Mommies with Cents is another great one that shows you where to get free stuff and how to stack coupons.

Money Saving Mom also has great tips on free stuff and deals at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and more.

When the kids are having their quiet time this afternoon, make yourself something nice to drink and grab your self a snack (I will be having my daily Dr. Pepper and some sea salt pita chips) and browse through these sites. You will learn alot!

Let me know if you know of any other great frugal blogs that we all might enjoy.

Happy Cooking!


Kenj said...

Wow, C! I can't wait to read these. I love shopping with you and seeing what a good job you do.

Have you ever read Like Merchant Ships? I love her taste, and she's a yard sale queen.


Mindy said...

Thanks for linking to us! We are really glad that you like our site. You have a great site and we will have to link to you about recipes!!