Monday, October 6, 2008


You all know the place I am talking about, right? Wally*mart. Well, like many people I know who live around the same area that I do, I do not like to go to this place. It literally makes me grumpy even thinking about having to go there. But we all have to admit they have some good deals on stuff. I especially like their cheap kids clothes.
Well, I just got onto their website (it's "the store's name" dot com) and I could not believe the sale they were having. $2.00 dresses and shirts and more. And the shipping is very low. And if you decide you actually want to go to the store, they will deliver your order there for $0 shipping! I think I would rather pay $4 or $5 for shipping than go to the store :o)

(Me and my sister. She has started doing coupon deals with me and we are having so much fun!)

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kristi said...

Love the picture! And the new look of the blog - delicious!!