Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My computer crashed! Serious stuff here people. I have been without it for 6 days now! Can I tell you how amazed I was at all of the stuff I have got done since not having a computer? Wow, I have impressed myself, which is not hard to do :o)
So until my computer is back up and running I will not be posting very much. i got a great guy (my brother-in-law) working on the problem. He has said to be prepared to loose everything! I am not a backer-upper so this would not be good. But if it does happen, I know it is on God's will.
Talk to you all soon.
Happy Cooking!
p.s."Hi, Tess"


Anonymous said...

*Cringe*, you know, you can usually still make backups if a computer 'crashes,' so long as the hard disk is still functioning mechanically. (If it isn't, recovery is still possible if you buy another one of the same hard disk and transfer the platters.)

anshuman said...

Hi Caroline..
Try using Linux Live CD. You can view the partition of Windows or Mac and save what you want..