Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Filling but not frugally

(Pipi Longstocking/aka:Emma!)

I promise I will be back to regular posting soon. And I am especially hoping to post a lot more recipes for all of you who have asked :o)

I am trying to adjust to this new, much slower paced life that God now has planned for me. I will admit that it has not been easy as I am a multi-tasker, think aheader and I have had to become a one thing at a timer and moment by momenter :o)

OK, so I have a confession......I have been filling my freezer a little bit, but not very frugally. I am ashamed to admit it. Today I bought some pre-made freezer meals out of the freezer section at Target. Yikes! Late afternoon and dinnertime have been the hardest parts of the day for me so I am doing whatever I can just to get by.
Hubby is taking vacation time next week and agreed to help me make some meals for the freezer one day. He actually sounded excited about it! I plan on trying some new recipes and will post them for you all IF they turn out OK :o) My mom has also offered to make a few meals for my freezer as well. So all I need to do is get through this week and we should be in much better shape next week.

I have not done any of my couponing in the last few weeks. But can I just tell you how much my past couponing has blessed us lately! We are well stocked on most of our daily care needs and household supplies. How nice it has been to not have to run out to the store because someone has ran out of deodorant. Hubby even noticed how well stocked all of his stuff was and thanked me for being so frugal. He's a great guy!

I will chat with you all really soon!

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