Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cooking Day Prep...

This week is Cooking Day week. That means a busy, but fun, week for me. This week we have 12 of us cooking meals. We will meet on Friday at 9 am and should be done by noon. We will be putting together 6 meals for each person. All together that will be 72 meals!

I started the week by getting the shopping list together. This includes doing all of the figuring out for how much we need of each ingredient and so on and so forth.

We are making Breakfast Biscuits this month (recipes to come later) so I had to make 120 biscuits before Friday. My mom was nice enough to come over and help me out. Of course the girls wanted to help as well.

On Thursday (today), with list in hand, I headed off to Cost*o and the grocery store. I had meant to take my camera with me so you could see what my carts and my car look like after a Cooking Day shopping trip! It is quite the site. Once I came home and put the refrigerator stuff away I snapped a picture for you :o)

I also filled up my sister's refrigerator, part of my mom's fridge, there are a few bags in the freezer and the trunk of my car is half full! We really know how to pack it all in!

I did get a picture of my fridge for you though....

Everything seems to be all ready for a day full of Cooking tomorrow. I am going to go put my camera in the car right now so I should have some good pics for you tomorrow :o)

Happy Cooking!


Simply Heart And Home said...

Oh my! My mouth is watering for one of those biscuits! And what fun it must be to gather with your friends and bake/cook!


Christy said...

I am so thankful I found your blog! I have thought and thought about doing a once a month cooking day...I even bought a book about it! I will SO enjoy reading your blog, and keeping up with your adventures of "Filling My Freezer"!!
Have a wonderful weekend!