Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An answer and a tag.....

First an answer to a comment on freezing potatoes.....The answers is "Yes, they do turn a little brown". But only a little and once they are cooked they look normal again. I freeze uncooked potatoes often and have always had them turn out great.

Second, I have been tagged by my dear friend Rebecca!

Here is the game: If you are tagged, you have to post a "Would you rather" on YOUR blog and then tag 5 people.

"Would you rather get a manicure/pedicure or an hour massage?"
That is a tough one for me because I love to be pampered. Don't do it much but enjoy it to the fullest when I do. I am also the kind of girl who meticulously justifies every decision I make, it's an annoying habit, but at times a good one. So I would have to say the mani/pedi because technically it will last longer. Yes the massage will feel completely wonderful but I can't show it off when I am done. Now a fresh coat of paint on my toes and nails can be seen by all! Yes, I am a weirdo!
Now I will tag some people....
~My goofy friend Kristi
~Botzy will surely have a good one
~Can't forget Dani for sure
Happy Cooking!


kristi said...

ack! The pressure! I would rather be a frozen potato! No, you'll have to check in with my blog and see something truly goofy...

Joshua said...

Good one. Thanks for playing along!

I'd take the hour massage any day. Actually, if possible, I'd take the hour massage every day! I can always paint my toes myself, but it's awfully hard to give myself a back rub =)

Rebecca said...

OOOOPS. . . I didn't realize I was logged in on my husband's account. That last one was from me.